The SCCR Treasury is the Treasury and Depository of gold reserves. It is the International Financial Institution established for shareholders of the International Cooperative (Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD).

The SCCR Treasury was established as a tool that will enable the operation of many international, nation-beneficial projects and programs, also connected with the provision of financial services for the support of SCCR shareholders.

The SCCR Treasury uses most of the basic principles of the economic system, using a gold-backed financial system that is designed to complement the current economic system while simultaneously preventing the economic chaos that has occurred in the isolated economies of the world and their inability to deal with the high rate of fluctuations that are common in economic markets.

The SCCR Treasury offers a large number of financial services, including commercial investments, grants and financing of humanitarian projects, and of course, a full range of different banking services, through the SCCR National Bank (hereinafter referred to as NB:SCCR).

The SCCR Treasury is the Clearing House of all financial operations through the cooperative, through financial institutions cooperating with the cooperative, as well as all financial institutions and banks cooperating with the cooperative and the Treasury.

The SCCR Treasury has built a structure for the safe storage of valuable assets (assets - real estate) and issues financial instruments that are used in International trade and commercial activities.

The SCCR Treasury acquired the functions of administrator of special bank accounts, through the SCCR National Bank (NB: SCCR), which is based on a sovereign guarantee in the form of XAU - gold guarantee in accordance with Basel III instructions.

The SCCR Treasury is part of the program - an idea that will stabilize the current economic crisis and prevent the recurrence of fluctuations in national currencies, values and exchange rates, so that international and regional economies are stabilized and allow people to access the funds with which they can create their own wealth through their creative activity for the benefit of themselves and other living beings in the territories. With the result of a sufficient degree of development in social and economic freedom.

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