was established for the implementation of legal rights and interests
of citizens of the Slovak Republic, with the aim of creating
material and other benefits on the territorial territory of the Slovak Republic.

The main purpose of the establishment of the cooperative is to unite the shareholders (citizens living in this territory) under one roof in order to realize each individual of his own goals, desires for the benefit of himself, his family, his native people and the nation. The development of the personality of the shareholder at his conscious level, as well as at the level of his spiritual life, is the main attribute of the meaning of his existence on this planet, which is called the Earth.

SCCR is an international financial institution and a unifying tool for all individuals-individuals as well as legal entities from any part of the world, regardless of gender, religion, social status, opinions and other attitudes. The cooperative creates the same conditions for each shareholder. The terms of how anyone can become a shareholder of the SCCR are discussed in the application and the contract between the SCCR and the candidate for joining the cooperative itself. All information is available on our SCCR website.

The SCCR activities are aimed at creating the organizational, socio-economic, financial and cultural structure of the population of the Slovak Republic, which aims to compensate for obligations to financial institutions and create an environment for the bright life and prosperity of the Slovak nation.

The SCCR has an open door for all people living in the territory of the Slovak Republic as well as the Czech Republic, without exception of nationality, who prove their interest in participating in the SCCR in the form of a proper application form and subsequent signing of the agreement on joining the cooperative, confirmed by their signature on the agreement, between the shareholder and the SCCR.

SCCR accepts all natural and legal persons in the territory of the Slovak Republic as shareholders without prejudice to their assets, opens accounts in banks owned by SCCR, as well as offers a highly qualified IT system for services and account management, the possibility of interest-free refinancing of all projects and programs aimed at the socio-economic development of our large Slovak nation and Homeland.

The SCCR is part of the International Treasury Monetary 1, registered with the United Nations ID: 626139. International Treasury M1, as the main holder and custodian of global gold reserves.

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