The SCCR Treasury is a separate structural unit of the SCCR customer cooperative. In accordance with the statutes of the cooperative, it performs functions to ensure the implementation of the cooperative's budget, preliminary and ongoing control of the management of budget funds by the Chief treasurer and the recipients of the budget resources from the funds, as well as the function of control and supervision in the financial and budgetary sphere of the Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD.

SCCR Treasury

The Slovak Customer Cooperative Rod’ Treasury (hereinafter referred to as“ the SCCR Treasury “or“ The National Treasury") acts as Treasury and depository of XAU gold bricks.

Cash and payments

The SCCR Treasury is the Financial Institution uniting any International Cooperatives cooperating with the SCCR.

Financial reporting

A tool that fulfills and performs all the functions of the Treasury in its administration, control and internal and external audit.

Legal Staus

The SCCR, as well as the Treasury, meets and complies with all norms of International law.


Supervision of all financial operations, including audit, is carried out by the Supreme regulator of the Global Financial System - International Treasury Monetary One

Debt and credit

We provide all services to our shareholders at the level of International bankers with many years of experience in the financial world with the aim of providing funds for all bright projects and programs with respect to ecology, nature as such, exclusively for the prosperity and well-being of Nations.


Its own developed control system, which is tuned and operates within the framework of a high-tech information, reporting and verification system, ensures transparency and controllability in real time.

Risk management and compliance

In addition to the ability to monitor cash flows and liquidity, payments, calculate fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, etc. the features of the management system also support member/project requests related to loans, loans, donations, investments and collateral.

Solutions and support of Regions in Slovakia in sectors

Tourism, Sport, gastronomy, Trade, Finance, Banking, Industry, Education and Education,
Culture, energy, agriculture, health, Construction, Transport, Services, Telecommunications
and Information Technology, Ecology.

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