for social and economic development of Regions

XAU Depository

Treasury bills backed by gold

Development funds


Ensuring the stability of the economy of the Nation and providing services, support to achieve the prosperity of each shareholder of the Sovereign International Financial Cooperative Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD.

We are part of the network of first-class banking, financial institutions and investment funds to which we have access rights.

SCCR Treasury 

the goal of the Treasury is the social and economic development of the regions

The SCCR Treasury is the Treasury and Depository of gold reserves. It is the International Financial Institution established for shareholders of the International Cooperative (Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD).

The SCCR Treasury was established as a tool that will enable the operation of many International, nation-beneficial projects and programs associated with the provision of financial services to support SCCR shareholders.


SCCR is an International Financial Institution and is the unifying tool for all individuals as well as legal entities from any part of the world, regardless of gender, religion, social status, opinions and other attitudes. The cooperative creates the same conditions for each shareholder. The conditions under which anyone can become a shareholder of the SCCR are discussed in the application and the contract between the SCCR and the candidate for joining the cooperative itself. All information is available on our SCCR website.


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